Students and Faculties

  1. Circulation books may be checked out. Take note of the book borrowing limits:4-DSC_0059

faculty     — 50 books / 2 months renewable*

staff       — 20 books / 2 months renewable*

students regular— 25 books / 2 weeks renewable*

         if doing thesis- 30 books/ 1 month

AGST students — 25 books for 2 weeks renewable*

    (students enrolled in AGST programs hosted by ATS)

* unless another patron request hold of the book

  1. A two- week loan may be renewed as long as nobody else needs the book.

  1. Write your full name legibly on the book card when borrowing books

  1. If the book you need has been borrowed, you may request that it be reserved for you upon its return.

  1. Any book on loan may be recalled anytime.

  1. Borrowing privilege is suspended until an overdue book/s checked out in your account is returned.

  1. A fine of P5.00 a day is charged for any overdue circulation books exclusive of Sundays and Holidays.

  1. Lost books or any library materials should be reported at once. Once a book is declared lost, fines stop accumulating and full payment becomes due.  Lost books may be replaced by paying the current price with an additional P100.00 for processing fee.

  1. All library materials must be returned on the last day of final examinations.

  1. Any person who fails to return promptly (before closing time the same day) a book borrowed for photocopying purposes shall pay a fine of P20.00 per day overdue on reference and reserved books.