Proper Library Decorum


  1. The Library should be quiet at all times. Group discussions should take place outside the library environs.
  1. No eating or drinking inside the library.
  1. Students are not to go within the Reserve Section area.
  1. Students should not disarrange chairs and tables.
  1. Students are expected to clear tables they used before leaving. Books pulled out from the shelves are to be placed on the book carts.
  1. Piling up research books on study tables is not allowed.
  1. Charging of cell phone batteries and plugging in of laptop computers is allowed.
  1. Students should not write on books or cut anything from periodicals or newspapers. Anybody found guilty or mutilating library materials will be charged or dealt with accordingly.
  1. Silent mode for all cell phones is required.
  1. Children below 13 yrs. old are not allowed inside the library.
  1. Sleeping at the Library sala is discouraged.
  1. Borrowing and returning of books cease 15 minutes before closing time.


Refusal or Failure to Settle Library Accounts

Any person who after due notice shall refuse or fail without just cause to settle library accounts or obligations, shall not be permitted to use the library and shall not be issued library clearance.