Mephibosheth Collection

06-DSC_0035 (2)The Mephibosheth Collection was started from the personal collection of Dr. Amanda Shao Tan on disability studies which she donated to Asian Theological Library.


The collection consists of the following material forms:

  • books
  • booklets
  • pamphlets
  • fact sheets
  • periodical articles and clippings
  • newsletters
  • audio and video materials
  • brochures and other peripheral materials


05-DSC_0034 (2)The Mephibosheth book collection is located just below the stairs of the mezzanine area. These materials can be accessed by the library users in the open shelves and can be checked out for two (2) weeks. To access non-book materials of the collection, please request assistance from the library personnel in the Circulation and Reserve Counter.